Orlando Relationship Counseling

Creating and maintaining a deep and meaningful coupleship in this era can be a very difficult challenge. Most couples did not have healthy models of intimacy passed on to them. The transitory nature of our society makes it difficult for couples to establish roots and develop healthy support systems. Prior to the year 2000, individuality, special interests, and independence, were overly emphasized to the exclusion of teaching mutuality, cooperation, and interdependence. Almost half of all marriages end in divorce, and only about five percent of those couples who remain together report that they are exceptionally happy with their relationship. Although coupleship can be very trying and difficult, it can also be one of the best avenues for healing old wounds, growth, and joy.

imagoAs a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, I am committed to helping couples create new and conscious ways of getting the love they want.

Imago Relationship Therapy is based on Harville Hendrix's work, which he outlines in his best seller, Getting the Love You Want. In couples' therapy, very specific interventions are used to facilitate safety, communication, healing, intimacy, playfulness, and ways of dealing with and resolving anger in each couple's relationship.

As a relationship therapist, I help couples:

orlando therapistUnderstand why and identify how romantic attraction occurs.

orlando therapistUnderstand how unmet needs from childhood influence current relationships.

orlando therapistUnderstand the unconscious purpose of power struggles in relationships, and turn them into positive growth.

orlando therapistIdentify, process, heal, and transform destructive patterns into a meaningful love relationship.


"My wife and I first saw Sandy a few years into our marriage. Sandy helped us work through some family issues, and we learned how our upbringing and personal experiences growing up formed our expectations of how married life would be. After living abroad for three years, and raising three children, we came upon a rough period in our marriage. After trying some other counselors, we returned to Sandy. She has helped us work through some tough issues. Sandy is fair to both partners of the couple, and, in a caring and friendly way, helped us to openly and honestly share our thoughts and feelings, which lead to a happier, more rewarding relationship."