Orlando Individual Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy is appropriate if you answered any of the questions on my home page with a Yes. I am trained in many approaches that help an individual improve the way they feel, or the quality of their life. The primary way I address someone who comes to me for Individual therapy is to address Mind, Body, and Spirit. I help the client understand their thought patterns, especially the ones that are interfering with their lives, and the emotions that are uncomfortable for them.

In Individual sessions, I help the client to understand, on a deep level, how they operate. When my client has a clear picture of their process, my therapy provides a very precise methodology to heal the emotional wounding that is blocking their ability to cope with present-day living. In my treatment, I help my clients to emotionally unblock themselves and find more adaptive ways to solve their present-day dilemmas and, as a result, live a more happy and satisfying life.


"I have worked with a number of counselors over the years with more or less the same lackluster results. From the first session with Sandy, I knew that this experience would be completely different and, for the first time, felt a sense of hope about being able to work through the obstacles that I felt were holding me back from a fuller, happier life. I did not know at the time how different Sandy's method of counseling was from my previous counselors, but the PBSP method has been extremely successful for me. Sandy was the first counselor I had ever worked with whom I felt really "got" me and could see me. That was an enormous relief for me and gave me the encouragement I needed to really begin the healing process. I am, and will alwways be, so grateful that I found Sandy."