Orlando Group Therapy

Group Psychotherapy is extremely powerful, very effective, affordable, and can profoundly improve your interpersonal relationships, be it marriage, family, co-workers, or friends. Group therapy is widely used and has been a standard treatment option for over fifty years. It addresses feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety, and it helps people make significant changes so they feel better about the quality of their lives. Some issues typically addressed in group therapy include:

orlando therapistLoneliness

orlando therapistDepression/Anxiety

orlando therapistLack of Support

orlando therapist Relationship Problems

orlando therapist Communication Problems

gpaI offer a variety of weekly, on-going groups comprised of 8-12 individuals meeting for 90 to 120 minutes. While some members have similar circumstances, it is not necessary for all of the members in the group to be dealing with exactly the same problems. I am a Certified Group Psychotherapist. In an initial consultation, together, you and I will explore the nature of your problem so that I can determine which group best matches your needs. At times, individual, marital, or family therapy sessions may also be recommended to help you make the changes needed to improve your situation.



"Being part of group therapy has been a life changing, powerful experience for me. It allows me to take a look at myself and the issues I'm dealing with in a safe, supporting environment and begin to heal. In the group environment I'm able to see others express and work through some of the same issues that I'm working on, and I am able to see my issues more clearly through them. I have leaned so much by watching how others deal with their issues."  


"In group, Sandy has a unique talent for spotting patterns of thinking and behavior that don't serve us. With compassion and her mastery of PBSP, Sandy guides group members into higher aspects of themselves.
Because of my group work with Sandy, I've become a more integrated and self-aware person. One of my greatest insights has come from learning to spot the difference from what I believe and what is true. My individual journey since being in Sandy's group has a greater sense of purpose and value. In Sandy I have found a counselor, a teacher, and a friend."