Orlando Relationship and Personal Counseling by Sandy Canfield

If you found this web site maybe there is something that is not satisfying in your life, and maybe these are some of the things that you might be struggling with:

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orlando therapistChronic sadness or crying episodes; maybe you’re feeling hopeless or having difficulty concentrating; maybe you are feeling like pulling away or withdrawing from others, or having difficulty socially, or maybe even professionally functioning at work.

orlando therapistDo you feel like your energy is lower than it should be? That you’re easily fatigued? Maybe you’ve lost interest and pleasure in life. Sometimes perhaps you are feeling worthless or guilty.

orlando therapistYou have difficulty making decisions; maybe you’re sleeping too little or too much, or excessively worrying.

These are all reasons why people often seek counseling, and these are reasons why people have come to see Central Florida counselor/psychotherapist, Sandy Canfield, for help.


Central Florida Counselor

I work with individuals and families, and relationships, to help them function better and feel happier in their daily lives. I have been providing successful treatment for these kinds of problems for the last thirty-plus years. What I am best known for in my therapy work is not just the skill that I bring to the therapy setting, but my sensitive, warm, and compassionate personal style, so that people feel really safe to open up and get to the root and the heart of the matter.

What I will help you to understand with my psychotherapy is that whatever problem you are struggling with present-day is always related to the unmet needs that we all have from our childhood. And because of those unmet needs, we developed strategies and belief systems that, although they got us through our earlier years of development, get in our way as we grow up and move into adulthood. Through my work, with not just the mind but the body, I help people uncover what those unconscious belief systems are, what those unconscious strategies are, and help them uncover the emotions that were attached to those from early on. Through Mind/Body therapy I help people heal those wounds, develop new belief systems, and really live more attuned and aligned with their authentic self. When someone lives more authentically, then life works more easily for them. When they can’t do that, that’s when their lives become complex, complicated, and then painful.